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Asta Aukščiūnienė

Asta Aukščiūnienė



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Asta: „To find and select the candidate that fits the company by his/her competencies, is half of the work. For me it is important to feel the company, it’s environment, and people, only then I understand whether the candidate will suit, ie, will suit personally also, what it is very important seeking for the long-term result.“

Asta Aukščiūnienė

Asta Aukščiūnienė

Asta Aukščiūnienė is “Ekloga” Recruitment consultant – expert, Kaunas branch manager, who has studied organizational psychology in Human Studies Center and economic studies in Vilnius University. Asta has a valuable, more than seven years of work experience and excellent results in the selection of personnel, adjusting this many years of experience, intuition, and insight into the inner fulfillment of customer needs. Asta advises business leaders for personnel management, employee evaluation, valuing interviewing questions.



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