Research and consulting


1. Adaptation research and consultingMore

New employee‘s effective work depends not just on abilities and present work experience, but also on company‘s activities that recruited him. Researches show that, from the successful new employee adaptation in a company directly depends, how quickly employee will start individually make decisions and become effective.


Beginner adaptation research

After the selection, during the whole adaptation period, we communicate with recruited person ad his/her direct manager – follow beginner‘s adaptation‘s process. We find out:

  • How the beginner feels in a new working place;
  • What he/she mostly likes/dislikes;
  • What expectations for the new job are satisfied;
  • What is inappropriate for the beginner, what difficulties he/she faces;
  • If from the company’s side is done/given everything employee needs to work effectively;
  • How the Head evaluates new employee’s reached results etc.

Everytime after communicating with the beginner, recommendations are given, to what areas the Head has to pay attention, what exact activities would help to solve difficulties etc.



We communicate and help for the managers to prepare properly for the new employee‘s arriving to the organization:

  • We help to prepare various memos;
  • Consult and give recommendations for the interviewing the beginners;
  • Consult in making beginner‘s adaptation and training plans;
  • Prepare organization‘s system for the beginner‘s adaptation.

2. Employees opinion researchMore

Researches show the precise image of the company, purify the strongest parts and main problems. Our consultants will introduce recommendations to solve these problems, guided by them, You will be able to make purposeful, effective for Your company personnel management decisions.

The purpose of the employees opinion research is to get information, based on company‘s employees opinions whole. These researches are used to purify the main problems of the company, get to know how employees see the organization and what they think about various questions, such as:

  • Company‘s microclimate;
  • Working environment and conditions evaluation;
  • Work satisfaction;
  • Communication in the company;
  • Teamwork;
  • Customer service;
  • The Head competence;
  • Motivational system;
  • Salary;
  • Education of employees etc.


Why is it beneficial?

  • It allows for the company to concentrate attention to employee‘s needs and use the strongest sides;
  • It gives informations about that, what makes problems for employees;
  • It gives feedback for the Head (positive and negative at the same time) about internal company‘s „health“;
  • It measures what impact has programs, procedures anr rules in an organization;
  • It can be used to motivate employees and increase work satisfaction.


Research stages:

  1. Need analysis. Research goals, tasks and content are revised. The best method to gather information is selected – questionnaire survey, depth interview, group discussions or the combination of these methods.
  2. Conclusion of the questionnaire. According to the available information, the new instrument is made or adjusted the proposed one.
  3. Informing employees about the research.
  4. Implementation of the survey.
  5. Analysis of the data obtained, processing. Preparation of the reports and recommendations.
  6. Presenting results of the research for the Head and employees of the company.

3. Evaluation and education of the headMore


The main purpose making the evaluation of the Head – to give feedback information about the Head‘s managing skills, help to identify the strongest sides and areas of improvement.

We represent an international company „Profiles International“ and evaluating competencies of the Head we use the product Checkpoint360° of this company – managing competencies evaluation system.

Checkpoint 360° managing competencies evaluation system – it‘s a tool, letting to collect information about managing skills from the directly that experiencing people – subordinates, colleague and senior Manager. 8 managing competencies are evaluated, covering al aspects of managing. Leaders can compare their own evaluation with that, how surrounding people understands them. Detail graphical reports let to analyse the results inf various aspects and the end practical education recommendations are proposed.


Why 360° evaluation is beneficial?

  • It helps for the Head to recognize better their strength and improvement sides;
  • It helps for the Head to become more effective;
  • It creates confidence, openness and collaboration atmosphere;
  • It motivates the Head to improve their competencies, by giving them feedback about their managing skills;
  • It stimulates the Head to create individual learning and improvement plans;
  • It helps for the Head to integrate individual improvement plans to activity management, education and career planning processes;
  • It encourages open and structured dialogue between evaluative person and his/her Manager.


Annual interview – consultancies of the Head

Annual interview – it‘s an agreement between the Head and subordinate, during which, according to clear and in advance agreed criteria, goals achievement from the past period and evaluative employee work behaviour are evaluated, also employee‘s activity and improvement goals are determined for the upcoming period of time. The main goal, which during an interview, the Head and subordinate has to achieve – to agree what and how an employee has to do during upcoming period of time, to achieve the aims.


We help for the Head:

  • To define employees activities managing and evaluating processes;
  • To prepare annual interviews with employees plan – what to talk about;
  • To prepare for ant interview – how to organize interviews, how to talk, how to manage complicated situations.


Why it is beneficial?

  • It stimulates clear and structured dialogue between the Head and his subordinates;
  • It helps for the Head to become more effective;
  • It helps for the Head to create confidence, openness and collaboration atmosphere during an interview;
  • It helps for the Head to improve communication competencies.

4. Individual employee‘s evaluationMore

Individual evaluation – determination of personal characteristics, competencies of the selected candidate or employee, by measuring with work related aspects – thinking abilities, personal features, professional interests, also evaluating acquired working abilities and motivation to work.


Individual evaluation is performed if You need:

  • To choose the new employee;
  • To dedicate an employee to the other job position;
  • To promote an employee to the managerial position;
  • To promote an employee to the managerial position;
  • To consult and educate the Head;
  • To evaluate educational need for the employees;
  • To form an effective team;
  • Help when facing with employee‘s problems when performing the tasks at work etc.


Way, we use to evaluate candidates/employees:

  • Testing. We use „Profiles International“ testing tools Profiles XT, which is used to measure thinking of the person, personal characteristics, professional interests. Also we use and other testing tools;
  • Individual conversations – deep interview;
  • Non-standard ways to evaluate competencies, practical tasks.

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