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„Ekloga“ will be probably the last enterprise of staff selection. You won‘t consider other variants and work only with „Ekloga“.

Šarūnas Straševičius, Director of UAB „Media inovacijos“

„A young and professional enterprise that has no lack of ambitions.“

Rimantas Bernotas, Director of LLC „Mosas“

„Thanks to „Ekloga“. It helped to start the engine of our enterprise staff.“

Tadas Pakalniškis, Director of „Tridens LT“

„Well done!“

Ramūnas Gumbas, Director of „ETI Baltus“

„It is a great enterprise that gives professional service.“

Jurgis Radzevičius, Chief of LLC „Vauksa“

„Ekloga“ changed our point of view about the selection of employees and their adaptation in enterprise. I think that now we understand more about staff management and motivation. We are determined to continue working in this sphere and seek professionality. I hope we will collaborate together!“

Dainius Karkauskas, Director of LLC „Rubedo sistemos“

„I am happy that you are growing in professional sphere.“

Audrius Šiaulys, Chief of commerce, LLC „Padėklita“

„Thank you very much for your professionality.“

Rasa Dzedulionė, Chief of staff, LLC „Svydis“

„I am very glad because of „Ekloga‘s“ professional and reponsible attitude to staff selection and management.“

Kęstutis Driaunys, Dean of VU Kaunas faculty of humanities

„We are happy to work with our partner „Ekloga“. We are also very satisfied with the quality of the employees selections and the research of employees adaptation in our enterprise.“

Nerijus Zacharevičius, Chief of LLC „Margiris“

„Well done! The business afternoon is a great initiative. Wish you good luck and sagacity in applying new methods of selection.“

Julius Baltrėnas, Director, LLC „Bilaro“

„It is a young, mature and experienced company which is bright due to its conception of the activity and professionality.It makes the client glad when the company seeks to know the client very well and hears his/her needs.
Professional solutions: the candidates who are selected accurately and characterized exhaustively; sincere attention when the sevice is accomplished; lots of services related to HR management.
„Ekloga“ is a moving, creating and developing enterprise that stimulates us to grow together.When you become a client of „Ekloga“ once, you want to collaborate with it for ever!“

Aneta Čibirienė, The chief of HR, LLC „KlinkmannLit“


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