Services for employees

The consulting of employee’s careerMore

The employee is invited to a structured interview, on which the working experience is analysed. The candidate has to fill up the psychological test. His/her motivation and suitability for the job position is discussed and recommendations for CV improving are given. Benefit: the best qualities of the employee are brought out as well as the motivation for the job position.

Testing and consulting the employeeMore

The employee fills up a psychological test. The results are discussed with the consultant – psychologist. Benefit: the recognition of personal qualities on which depends the fulfilment of job.

The service of CV writing and consulting.More

Every person looking for a job, can refer to “Ekloga’s” consultant, which will help to highlight the strongest employee’s characteristics and competencies.

Recruitment serviceMore

The consulting and discussing of the psychological tests. The suitability for job positions is identified.

A contract with the candidate is made. He/she is involved into the “Ekloga” database of potential candidates.

It takes from 14 days to 3 months to find a potential employer for the consulted candidate.

The candidate always gains the consultations and information about job opportunities from his/her recruitment consultant.

Consultations and solutions of conflicts at working place More

A detailed discussion about the situation at working place between the employee and consultant. The search of reasons and consequences, the provision of psychological and employment law recommendations. Intercession between employee and employer, if it is needed. Benefit: an objective view on the situation, a search of the best solutions.

Other useful advices, recommendations and consultations depending on the needs of a client.


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We are inviting you to become our partners. Our enterprise is a go-between business companies and employees. Our aim is that an employer would find a good employee, and a person would find a job which is the most suitable for him/her. We promise confidentiality and respect for everyone who sent his/her CV. That is why we will reply to appliers within 24 hours and try to find the most suitable job.


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